“Hiểu Không?” ︎ 2020

A 2 part zine that focuses on diaspora and my identity as a Vietnamese-Canadian. The title, "Hiểu Không?" is a question my parents ask me as they explain something in Vietnamese. In which I answer “không hiểu” or “con hiểu”. The first half reflects on my up bringing in Toronto, which is in response to “không hiểu” (I don’t understand). The second half follows, “con hiểu” (I do understand) as I reflect on my one-month trip journey across Việt Nam the summer of 2019. The overall reflections are memories of childhood, the Vietnamese refugee story, the loss of a first language; while gaining an appreciation for Việt Nam and my parents'

This project is apart of my workshop undergrad at OCAD U called, "Con sẽ nhớ, đừng quên”. Which is a promise to myself, to my parents, to my ancestors and to the Vietnamese People that “I’ll remember, I’ll miss you, I won’t forget.”The project aims to preserve the stories of the Vietnamese People and the hardships they’ve gone through, while celebrating their culture, traditions and life. It’s also my story being told and an output to share my journey of what identity is. This is how I’ll remember Việt Nam, this is how I won’t forget Việt Nam.

*Check out the first half of this project 
The Rest of Yesterday ︎ a lullaby.

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