Tropical Toronto ︎ 2021 

with Untold/Unknown

In collaboration with Untold/Unknown a brand who uses art and fashion to spark conversations about lesser-known local issues. I designed the artwork for the Tropical Toronto theme bringing light to the Climate Change issue in Toronto. I reimagine Toronto as this potential futuristic cityscape; a romantic tropical destination. The CN Tower doubles-up as a thermometer and the skyline represents ever increasing temperatures.The collection is set to launch for Summer 2022.

Untold/ Unknown Website + Branding ︎

with Untold/Unknown

I also got to work with the founders to develop their branding, packaging and website design. The design is inspired by an editorial magazine/ lookbook that was functional on Shopify. Here I incorporate water-colour swatches  throughout the website, to anchor the artist themes and the brand of Untold/Unknown.

︎︎︎Metrolink︎                                            ︎“Hiểu Không?”︎︎︎