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✴︎Magic in the Mundane✴︎⁴ The Dreamer︎
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  1. Hey there! I’m Connie Lê, a Vietnamese-Canadian Graphic Artist based in Toronto.
  2. I recieved my BDes in Graphic Design at OCAD University in 2020 and minor in Illustration.
  3. I love using loud vibrant colours with a clean pallette. My favourite combinations are pinks, yellows, and blues
    (not the CMYK kind, but the RGB kind) I draw inspiration from Art-Deco, Memphis, Pop Art and Minimalism.
  4. I like exploring tender human moments and believe anything can be exciting if you imagine them to be ✦
  5. I feel out my emotions and use it to inspire my work. Often dreaming, I play with nostalgic themes
    and I’m not afraid to be vulnerable. ( My Big 3: Cancer ︎ Scorpio ☾ and Cancer  ↗ ) 
  6. I sell some of my designs and illustrations as prints and merch at my shop here, follow me @twopercocetmilk
  7. If i’m not indulged in my work you can find me collecting rocks, writing poems, casting spells,
    skateboarding, walking my doggo, taking pictures, making music or silly raps.
  8. Want to work together? Leave me a message and thanks for stopping by  • ᴗ •
  9. All artwork, photography, and digital designs on is Copyright © 2022 Connie Lê. All rights reserved.