Achromatic, is a poem that tries to convince someone to stay and not give up. The poem addresses the reader and anyone who suffers from depression. Having them relate to their own experiences and find these glimpses of hope encouraging. The phrases of black that begin each stanza represent the negative aspects in life (which comes in all shapes and forms) that can weigh someone down. But each stanza ends off with a colour involved, reminding the reader that there is a positive aspect to life; even through mundane experiences that are ordinary. Creating a colour swatch but also a poem that can fit into someones pocket can be a token or reminder for anyone who is struggling with depression, or needs words of encouragement to keep going in life.

This piece was showcased in OCAD U's student exhibition Conquering Me, March 2018. It is a student exhibit dealing with themes of anxiety and depression. And shines a spotlight for discussion, combating against stigma.

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